Custom Map Design

We can create any map you need!


A little about OUR PROCESS...

  • Before a project is started, we will discuss the details with you. We will ask you for details such as:
    • What map boundaries do you want?
    • What size will your map be printed or shown at?
    • What level of detail do you need? (highways only, major roads and highways or all streets)
  • 1st proof is delivered based on the information gathered.
  • Client may make changes for no additional charge.
  • 2nd proof is delivered.
  • Client may make minor changes for no additional charge.
  • Additional redesigns are available for an hourly fee.



Ottographix Graphic Design offers ALL REPRODUCTION RIGHTS for your project.

We create royalty free graphics which you will own and be able to use wherever and whenever you want.

Not for resale.



Multiple file formats are available for the finished product. We can supply you with: PDF, EPS, JPG, TIFF and many others. Original/Native files used to create the design piece can also be made available.



You can use our printer or we can work directly with your print shop to have your project produced and shipped or delivered to your door. We can also deliver digital files to your printer or publication.



We will discuss the details of your project and present you with a quote based on the time it takes to reproduce.

Basically, the more detail, the longer it takes and the higher the cost.

There are three basic levels of detail:

  1. Highways Only: Usually used on State or County maps
  2. Major Roads and Highways: Usually used on City maps that don't need full detail
  3. All Streets: A detailed street map that includes every single street in a specified area.